Tips for long lasting furniture

“Rattan” is a plant in the palm family generally found in Southeast Asia. Trunks of rattan are used in wicker furniture. At present, an innovation in the form of Durawera® synthetic rattan has been introduced as an alternative to natural rattan. Distinctive properties of Durawera® synthetic cords include UV resistance, durability in all weather — extreme heat as well as extreme cold. Also important is the fact that it allows more convenience of furniture care while being an environmentally-friendly material. The following information is a must for those who are interested in wicker furniture.

Cleaning method for DURAWERA® furniture

Easy and fast cleaning
– Use feather duster or soft brush to wipe off dust or filth
– Wash with clean water and wipe until completely dry

For heavy stains: Dip a piece of soft cloth or clean sponge in mild soap water. Wipe over stained areas, wash off with clean water, wipe dry with a piece of cloth or leave it out in an airy area or in the sun.
Caution: Do not use chemicals or polishing/wax-finishing products with Durawera®

Normal or light cleaning of water repellent fabric

  • Brush off dirt or filth
  • Prepare cleansing solution of 2 oz (1/4 cup) mild soap
    for 1 gallon of warm water (below 100°F /38 °C)
  • Use a piece of sponge or a soft animal fur brush for cleaning
  • Leave the cleansing solution to be absorbed into the fabric
  • Wash off with water until clean
  • Leave to dry

** For water repellent umbrellas and cushion cases that can be cleaned, machine wash in cold water (below 100°F /38 °C). The amount of detergent used depends on the fabric weight. Use normal amount of mild detergent; leave to dry.
** Do not put water repellent cushion cases into a dryer.

Cleaning of water repellent fabric with stained spots

  • Spray recommended cleansing solution into fine mist with a sprayer
  • Rub with a piece of sponge or a soft animal fur brush to make the fabric absorb the cleansing solution into the stain
  • Wash off with water until clean
  • Blot excess sprays with a piece of clean and soft terry cloth or sponge. Use wet vacuum, if available, to get rid of excess sprays.
  • Follow these steps repeatedly until dirt stains are removed.

FAQs that we are always delighted to provide answers

  1. What is the difference between natural rattan furniture and Durawera® synthetic rattan furniture?
    Hawaii Thai: Natural rattan is highly flexible and durable. When combined with various types of frame such as wooden frames, the furniture is light, attractive and suitable for indoor use. Durawera®, on the other hand, is an innovative synthetic material whose appearance, texture and flexibility closely resemble natural rattan. However, Durawera® furniture is highly resistant to UV, rain and seawater; it is also easy to clean and environmentally-friendly. The additional properties of Durawera® furniture allow for both indoor and outdoor use.
  2. What is Durawera®? What does it mean?
    Hawaii Thai: Durawera® comes from the word DURABLE WEAVING MATERIAL.
    Durawera® is a synthetic fiber whose technology patent is exclusively held by Hawaii Thai. It can be used as weaving materials for furniture and other decorative works. Durawera® has been selected as an innovative design material to be featured in the materials libraries of Material Connexion®.
  3. What are the unique and different properties of Durawera® synthetic water-hyacinth and Durawera®
    rattan cords?
    Hawaii Thai: Durawera® rattan cords are synthetic cords with similar appearance to natural rattan or bamboo strands while Durawera® synthetic water hyacinth cords are similar to natural water hyacinth strands.
  4. Do we need to clean rattan furniture every day?
    Hawaii Thai: Durawera® rattan cords are synthetic cords with similar appearance to natural rattan or bamboo strands while Durawera® synthetic water hyacinth cords are similar to natural water hyacinth strands.
  5. What to do when normal cleaning method is not sufficient to handle dirty party stains on rattan furniture?Hawaii Thai: To avoid major cleaning, a feather brush or a piece clean cloth should be used to brush or wipe furniture clean on a daily basis. This is to prevent heavy stains from penetrating into the furniture.
  6. Caring for natural rattan furniture to prolong its life and keep it looking new.Hawaii Thai: Natural rattan furniture should be placed away from high moisture or bright sunlight. If the furniture are accidentally wet, they should be left out in the sun to dry out completely.
  7. How environmentally-friendly is Durawera®?Hawaii Thai: The environmentally-friendly nature of Durawera® begins with its clean and toxic free manufacturing process. The synthetic cords are safe around a household with children and pets. Since Durawera® can be recycled it has no negative environmental impacts.
  8. Where can Durawera® furniture be used?Hawaii Thai: Durawera® furniture can be put in any place and can withstand any weather condition. They can be placed indoors, outdoors, near a swimming pool, on the seashore or even in the snow.
  9. Do you provide home delivery?Hawaii Thai: We provide home delivery free of charge in Bangkok and the vicinity. Delivery to other provinces or countries will be charged by distance.
  10. OrderingHawaii Thai: Contact Hawaii at Tel. 02-376-0100 ext. Project Sale Division, Marketing Division or Email: sales@hawaiithai.com.
  11. Where can I contact Hawaii Thai for after sale service?Hawaii Thai: Hawaii Thai’s after sale services will take care of your beautiful furniture to ensure maximum benefits of use. For advice contact Tel. 02-376-0100, Mon.-Sat. 8.30am – 5.00pm. or Email contact: support@hawaiithai.com