Choosing the right fabrics for outdoors upholstery

Apart from choosing the right furniture that would last, choosing the right fabrics for your upholstery is just as important. Even though fabrics are delicate, if chosen wisely, the upholstery material can provide a more gentle and durable usage than you might have initially thought.

This article will provide some useful tips on how to choose the perfect fabric for your outdoor piece.


1. Characteristics to look for in outdoor fabrics

The proper texture for outdoor fabric should be acrylic fiber since acrylic fiber is water resistant, and can even survive minor cigarette burns.

Apart from that, given the extreme weather in Thailand, users should be mindful when it comes to the fading of fabric colours.


2.Fabric’s for outdoor furniture

Below are the three go-to fabric brands used in the outdoors furniture industry.

  • Sunbrella: an American brand that provides perfect textures for outdoor pieces. Made for heavy duties and harsh environments, it can withstand even the worst sorts of weather. However, we note that with its top-notch quality comes a hefty price tag.

  • Agora: Made in Spain, this brand offers a similar protection to Sunbrella. Agora contains the same properties as the American brand such as water resistance, and color fading resistance. However, this brand offers a slightly lower price than Sunbrella which made it quite a popular choice among the user.

  • Acrisal: The manufacturer of Agora lauched the new brand under the name Acrisal. This brand was created to offer a choice for customer that wants outdoor fabric for a lower price. Because of its price the length of its warranty also much shorter than the previous 2 brand.


3.Maintainance for outdoor fabrics

There are a significant different of careness for outdoor and indoor furniture. Most people believes that outdoor furniture should not have to put so much care into it. Therefore, outdoor furniture’s maintainance should be swiftly and effective.

Hence, simple cleaning methods such as hand/machine washing or sun-drying should be the most effective choice, without the need for specific leather care products and solutions. Also, with the strong sunlight in Thailand, you will never have to worry about colours fading as your products are warrantied.

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