3 Ways to choose eye-catching outdoor furniture without sacrificing quality

Choosing the right outdoors furniture can transform the look of your living space, whether it be the creation of a new relaxing corner to put your feet up, or merely to give your home that ‘put-together’ look.

Tips and tricks on design can be found in every corner of the online world, giving you inspirations on how to mix and match pieces, where ideas could be inspired by famous interior designers.

Although design is one of the main things you should consider, let’s not forget quality and durability, which are also vital aspects of your home furniture sets. We have rounded up the three main things to consider when shopping for your perfect outdoor pieces.


1. Durable material that will withstand extreme weather conditions

As your pieces would be displayed and used outdoors, where they will be exposed to the sun, rain, wind and ever-changing climates – durable material is the vital key to the lifespan of your furniture.

3 The three types of materials that would ensure longevity for your pieces are:

(1) Synthetic rattan

  • Synthetic rattan is well-known for withstanding extreme weather conditions. Check If it has been tested for its durability with the globally recognized ASTM Test, ensuring your furniture set will survive the mightiest of storms.

Synthetic rattan is not only recognized for its durability, but also its timelessness in design that mimics that of authentic rattan, giving the classic oriental style a modern twist.

(2) Wood

  • Wooden pieces, only a limited number of wood (Hard Wood) would cater to luxury styles whilst withstanding sun and rain exposure. Given the focus on the luxury market, wood pieces are often high in prices

(3) Stainless Steel

  • Stainless steel is probably one of the most affordable choices, and is perhaps the most durable when it comes to extreme weather conditions. Basic but fundamental designs dominate the market, where pieces would appear to fit seamlessly with most exterior designs.


2. Price and price-worthiness that should not be overlooked

The second aspect to consider would be the price-worthiness of each type of material. We have put together some interesting information that would help aid your decision-making process.

Teak binds together luxuriousness and strength, which is one of the reasons why the price of teak is in the high end of the price spectrum. With the luxuriousness comes the extra care and maintenance required to keep teak pieces looking top-notch, and well away from extreme climates and termite. In addition, its heavy weight makes it difficult to move or carry

Although stainless steel pieces are commonly found in the market, and is often the obvious choice when price comes into play, the maintenance and upkeep of stainless steel requires specific care to prevent rusting. Given heavy rainfall in Thailand and unpredictable weather, it is often difficult to prevent rusting. Hence, although these pieces are affordable, their lifespans are often short.

 In light of unpredictable weather conditions, many hotels, condominium projects or retail spaces have switched to use synthetic rattan to make use of its sturdiness and long lifespan. Synthetic rattan has combined all the required qualities of outdoors furniture, making it the obvious choice of material in the modern world. Despite the small number of suppliers in the market, the durability ensures your furniture will last many years, the light weight makes it easy to move and rearrange, and its design fits seamlessly into various exterior and interior styles.



3.Warrantied products with quality guarantees

Long warranty periods and after-sales services is also one of the aspects that would guarantee the price-worthiness of your chosen pieces. A long warranty period ensures no further investments would be required, and an easy-access after-sales system ensures that your products are properly cared for by experienced personnel – bid farewell to worries on maintenance and upkeep!


After all, the choice of furniture should not only factor in design, but also minor details that may have been overlooked such as durability, price-worthiness, maintenance and upkeep.  With prices of outdoors furniture being higher than indoors furniture, users should think of their purchases as investments, where various aspects should be considered to ensure that your beloved pieces stay with you through thick and thin.

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