Reward your home with our outstanding awards

Apart from the superior quality of furniture created by experienced craftsman, whose skills are almost unparallel, Hawaii Thai also gives importance to the furniture image and design. It has collaborated with several leading designers, who were winners of many world’s prestigious awards, in developing original designs for wicker furniture that further inspired novel relaxation styles for people worldwide.

Design Excellence Award 2010 (DEmark 2010)

Model: “Simplicity”

Outdoor stacking chairs. The chair’s minimal form is most striking with the use of stylish aluminum frames and quick-dry sling fabric.

Designer: Mr. Apirat Boonruangthaworn

Good Design Award 2010 (G-mark)
Design Excellence Award 2010 (DEmark 2010)

Model: Canoe Set version 2009

Outdoor, multifunctional furniture made from Durawera® synthetic water hyacinth cords for a more natural touch. Its aluminum frames, fast-dry cushions and canvas tops are adjustable and foldable onto each chair. The main idea is to lounge with great comfort in the outdoor natural sunlight.

Good Design Award 2010 (G-mark)
Design Excellence Award 2010 (DEmark 2010)

Durawera® cord is an exclusive patent of Hawaii Thai. This innovative material was chosen for featuring in the materials libraries of Material ConneXion®, which have eight branches in New York, Bangkok, Beijing, Cologne, Daegu, Istanbul, Milan Seoul. The libraries form a global network to monitor and collect interesting and innovative materials from different parts of the world with the goal of providing designers, operators, and students with an opportunity to have direct contact with materials that designers and world’s leading companies use to create their products, so that they can keep pace with the fast changing world of design materials.

Our Product Quality Awards

Hawaii Thai has achieved ISO 9001: 2008 certification to ensure consistency of product quality and high level of customer service. The certificate represents our commitment to constantly create the best quality products for our special customers.

Thailand Trust Mark

2012 “Thailand Trust Mark” Product Logo, as a symbol of high quality exports from the Department of International Trade Promotion.

4th SMEs National Awards 2011