3 styles with synthetic rattan pieces

          Rattan is not the obvious choice, and is often overlooked when one chooses furniture pieces for their living spaces, the main reason being its unique look and feel that may seem difficult to mix and match with other accessories.

          For some, rattan gives you that oriental scent that may seem hard to tone down for a more contemporary look and feel. Nevertheless, we would say it is far from impossible to make your living spaces look chic and sophisticated with synthetic rattan. Picking your furniture pieces isn’t that different from picking your outfits – the key is simply to pick the right accessories and voila!

          To make your life even easier, we’ve teamed up with a professional interior designer to come up with three themes of accessories that would complement your synthetic rattan pieces and give you that ‘put together’ look.


1. Chantal: Contemporary oriental

          For those of you who love that oriental resort feel, synthetic rattan is probably your go-to choice, with delicate handcrafted patterns that emphasizes the shape and form of each piece. Complement your pieces with round ornaments, whether it be bowls, balls or baskets, and decorate your wall with oriental patterned wallpaper to give it that contemporary feel without overdoing the classic Thai look.


2. Classic Sirocco: Modern style with a twist

          With living room furniture sets being quite bulky, the key to styling your modern living corner is to use light and delicate pieces of accessories that are easy to move around. The key to styling a modern home would be to keep it minimal: use neutral palettes and earth tones that would complement the touch of nature that synthetic rattan gives, and stick with pattern-less ornaments to showcase the weave.


3. Cancun Slim: Sophisticated but playful

          We love a bit of colour that would jazz up plain furniture pieces like dining tables and chairs, making your dining space a playful one ready for entertaining. Unique pieces make a loud statement, and are great conversation-starters. Keep to one or two colors and a few bold accessories that would really shout out and give the space some character, without overdoing it. 


       So there we have it – synthetic rattan is not as difficult to accessorize as it may seem! Pair it with the right ornaments and upholstery, and you can achieve endless possibilities that would take your living space to a whole new level of chic.



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